Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Best Chicken Salad Sandwich

♥ Beginner
For anyone who has ever gone on a lunch date with me, you would know that I'm a sucker for two types of sandwiches. One of which is a Chicken Salad Sandwich (the other is a club sandwich!) and sometimes I'm even picky about the way my sandwich is made.

I know that this is typically a baking blog, so don't think you'll get a ton of foods that aren't full of sugar and carbs (yay us!), but I did think it would be a fun and easy recipe to share since it is one of my absolute favorites.  ... and a great summertime lunch or dinner!

What you'll need:
1 Rotisserie Chicken (You can get them at any grocery store)
2 C. of quartered grapes (or more to taste)
3/4 C. Chopped Pecans (or more to taste)
3/4 C. Celery (I didn't add it this time, but I usually do!)
1 1/2 - 2 C. Mayonnaise
Lettuce for your sandwich
Baked Rolls

How it's done:
1. Quarter your grapes! (And cut up your celery if you choose to add it.  I like the added crunch) I like to add a lot of grapes, I love a sweet chicken salad, so feel free to add a few more.

2. Pull your chicken off the bone - I make Jared do this because I don't like to, haha.  Once it's off of the bone, I like to shred it and get it as stringy as possible, I'm not a fan of a chunky chicken salad sandwich.

3. I didn't buy chopped pecans because I already had a bag of halved pecans for something else. So if you're in the same situation as me, and need to chop your pecans, there are two ways to go about it:

Chop them on the cutting board with a knife... 

OR, putting them in a bag and hitting them with the back of the spoon (my preferred method).... 

4. Once you're done shredding the chicken, chopping the pecans, and quartering the grapes, you're ready to put it all in a bowl and mix it all up with the mayonnaise! 
5. And whalah!!!  Once it's all mixed up, throw it on a roll with a leaf of lettuce and you're good to go! EnJoY!! 

(This picture looks like a bad menu photo, hahaha!)