Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Packing up those treats...

If you're anything like me, you've probably reached that critical moment when you've made up a treat to take to a friend and stopped to think "Now, what will I take this to them in?" Tupperware often seems too cheap looking (and it's never the right shape or size, so the treats look junkie when they reach their destination) and a paper plate covered in seran wrap just isn't your style.

My mom always taught me that the first impression is the lasting impression, and the same goes for your treats too.  If the packaging looks nice, the impression is that the treat inside will be just as nice. 

So for those of you who have reached this critical impass in your baking, I'm helping make the decision a little bit easier!

Since I'm a cupcake maker, I'm often in the market for a good cupcake box.  Depending on the type of cupcake I'm making, or the holiday, usually dertermines the box I will use. Some of my favorite boxes (and the easiest to get my hands on) I get at Michaels Craft Supply or Hobby Lobby.  Let's kick this off with a couple of boxes to determine what sizes you'll need for your project... 

I'll add all the links at the bottom in case you want to order any of these.

There are Cupcake boxes that hold 1 Giant Cupcake
(Some with windows, some without) And you can get them in a ton of colors too.

This is what the standard insert looks like, these are great for holding your cupcakes in place.

They also make these type of boxes in 4,6,12, and 24 holders too!  You have more than enough choices.

There are also some more specialty boxes that you can use too! 

How cute are these???

The favorites that I've purchased so far only held 2 cupcakes, but they were perfect for Valentines Day...

And would you believe it, I bought these for $1/3 pack!  It's the best to shop the clearance section!

There are a ton of options when it comes to buying cupcake boxes and treat boxes.  And some can be a lot of fun.  My sugestion is always to try your local craft store before ordering bulk items online, but of course sometimes we get into a frenzy!  :) 

To look at purchasing cupcake or treat boxes in bulk, try: